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Americorps/Local Food Market Assistant

Employer: Jonesborough Locally Grown
Jonesborough Locally Grown is a community non-profit organization dedicated to supporting our local farmers, building our community, conserving our natural resources, and increasing access to and awareness of fresh, healthy, locally grown food.
We operate two producer-only markets—where growers sell directly to consumers; no resale is allowed. Our markets are the Saturday Jonesborough Farmers Market and the Boone Street Market year-round retail store. 
Our mission is also to educate about all aspects of a healthy local food economy. This education takes place in many ways—one on one with customers and farmers, at workshops and presentations, cooking demonstrations and classes.

Boone Street Market Description:

Boone Street Market provides the residents of Washington County and Northeast Tennessee with consistently high quality locally grown produce and products. The Market operates as a cooperative effort to provide farmers a permanent location for sale of their products directly to their customers. The store environment provides customers an experience that is as close as possible to that of buying at the Farmers Market. The Market helps small-scale farmers with the process of marketing their produce and builds community support and awareness around the issues of local food production, consumption, and resource conservation.  The community kitchen serves as a site for preparing, serving, and educating about local food.

Position Purpose:

The Local Food Market Assistant (LFMA) will assist with all aspects of operations of Boone Street Market in Jonesborough, TN. The LFMA will be be actively involved in the store and kitchen, meeting Jonesborough Locally Grown’s objectives for providing fresh, high-quality products, educating producers and consumers about local food, conducting an efficient operation that maximizes the use of volunteers, and doing this all in an inviting and accessible store atmosphere. 

Ensure Customer Satisfaction
·         Knowledgeable about the products offered by the Market
o       Provides information to the customer about the produce and products offered in the store
o       Provides creative ideas for the use of Market products and opportunities to teach customers new ways to use local foods
·         Provides a “team environment” with producers, staff and volunteers to ensure customer satisfaction
·         Creates a service environment that is appreciated by producers, staff and customers
·         Professional and Friendly Service
o       All customers are treated in a respectful and courteous manner
o       Actively engages customers while fielding their questions
o       Resolves customer issues and requests in a fair and tactful manner
o       Provides producers and vendors with positive feedback and assists in resolving complaints
o       Strives to maintain existing customer base while developing new customers
Store Operations
o       Helps assure that the store and its kitchen are in compliance with all licenses, permits, health regulation and fire codes
o       Helps oversee in-house food and product safety
o       Helps educate all producers in best practices for safe food handling and legal requirements for product sales
o       Ensures that daily and routine store maintenance and repair of buildings and equipment is performed
o       Helps assess inventory daily
o       Checks received stock against invoices
o       Marks prices on stock and works to move product efficiently
o       Displays produce and restocks shelves in a timely manner

·         Searches for and suggests new and innovative approaches to improve market and kitchen operations
·         Works with the store coordinator and Executive Director to meet operational and sales goals
·         Has a good sense of judgment about what changes can be made independently and what requires prior approval.
·         Plans for future opportunities and needs for the store
·         Plans for creative educational events such as tastings and classes that benefit producers and/or consumers

·         Assists in building a volunteer program
·         Helps ensure that all volunteers receive appropriate training for job performance requirements through various training methods and coaching
·         Participates in regular meetings with staff and volunteers
·         Organizes volunteer meetings as needed.

Americorps Service Learning Project

·         Completes required service-learning project on a topic developed in conjunction with the Jonesborough Locally Grown Board of Directors that enhances Jonesborough Locally Grown’s local food education.
·         Fulfills contract obligations to Americorps program, including training, scheduled service days and reporting.
Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Customer service, goal-focused management, knowledge of locally grown food markets and management of perishable foods, experience in seasonal fresh food preparation, management of volunteers, relationship building, written and verbal communication skills, computer skills (see below)
·         High School Diploma or GED Required
·         On-the-job experience in retail or restaurant management required, with knowledge of retail store and kitchen operations
·         Experience in management and preparation of perishable foods is a plus
·         Higher education degree and/or advanced course work considered
·         Knowledge and interest in locally grown food production and issues
·         Supervisory experience with volunteers – training, managing, motivating
·         Excellent customer service skills, enjoys working with the public
·         Ability to organize and manage multiple priorities
·         Ability to handle stressful situations in an effective manner
·         Ability to work well independently and with a team
·         Effective verbal and written communications skills
·         Computer skills including the ability to operate a cash register, work with spreadsheet, powerpoint, publisher (or similar), and word processing programs at a highly proficient level
·         Time management skills

Work Requirements
·         The position is 1700 hours completed between September 1 2016 and August 31, 2017 (on average, 32 hours per week).
·         LFMA position works closely with the market coordinator and is supervised by JLG Executive Director
·         The Market is open 6 days a week
·         Some special and evening event requirements
·         Driver’s License and reliable transportation
·         Training for position will be provided
·         Background check will be conducted
·         We will ask all candidates to complete at least 4 hours (preferably 8) of volunteer service at Boone Street Market before a final placement is offered.  This is to determine a good job fit! 

·             Americorps living allowance of $12,530 for 1700 hours worked.
·             Additional benefits include an education award of $5,775 upon completion of all Americorps service. (This brings total wage equivalent to $10.76 per hour).
·             For those without health insurance, Americorps offers coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace.
·             Upon successful completion of Americorps contract, possibility for renewal for an additional year (which can allow you to earn a second educational award).

Special Position Requirements
Heavy Lifting or movement of items up to 50 pounds.

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